"Hey everyone! Please enjoy 3 FREE BRAND NEW BONUS TRACKS by myself & The Garifuna Collective. Believe me, I had no idea how big this project would become since it started on Dec 1/2011. A "World Music" Juno nomination, a world wide release on Cumbancha Records / Stonetree Records and now the whole band coming to Canada to perform! A few months ago the Collective and I recorded a few more songs when I was visiting a year later. When Cumbacha heard these and wanted to add those songs to their release, I thought great, but not until I share with my awesome Canadian fans first! So we've decided to add them to the album here too, but for those of you who've already bought the album - of course they are free! Enjoy!"

- Danny

1.   What Colour Are You?
3.   A Cold Road
5.   Break It You Buy It
7.   Sad And Beautiful World
9.   The First Night
2.   Survivor's Guilt
4.   Behind The Waterfall
6.   Just The Way I Am
8.   Into The Light
10.  This Is What Is